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bigstockphoto_Swimming_Spaniel_155869Thanks to everyone for the beautiful messages of condolence on my loss of Rebel. It was very sudden and he only suffered for a few hours while we tried to figure out what had happened — he collapsed in the park on his evening walk. I’ll blog in more detail about it all, particularly my thoughts about the fact that while there is a lot to consider when you have giant breed dogs, we don’t always ask ourselves what we’ll do when we’re alone, far from home, with a dog who can’t walk and we can’t lift.

But since I’m not quite ready to write about that, I’ll have to send you elsewhere to get your reading fix this morning.

I’ve been thinking about blogging about how the knee-jerk paranoia of the black helicopter crowd has infected otherwise reasonable people when it comes to allegations of neglect and abuse of animals. Yes, some people are wrongly accused of crimes, including those involving animals. But yes, some people actually are either criminally cruel or negligent, or simply in trouble and over their heads due to unforseen circumstances.

The hallmark of a non-crazy person is that we look at each situation and use our intellect and fact-finding skills to form an idea of what happened, and react accordingly, always leaving room for the possibility that new information will change our views.

The hallmark of black helicopter syndrome is that someone explodes into instant action based on the slightest bit of information, making wild allegations with little or no evidence, rationalizing their actions with a reading of the facts that not surprisingly matches his or her pre-existing ideological perspective.

There have been a couple of examples of this recently, and I probably will blog more about them later, but Patrick over at Terrierman’s Daily Dose covered the details of one of them, involving some Basset Hounds in Pennsylvania:

The kerfuffle started when a blog entitled “Never Yet Melted” posted a piece entitled SPCA Outage in Philadelphia.
According to this blog post, a woman had been made a victim of the jack-booted police state. Really? There’s a jack booted police state in Philadelphia? News to me.

The story told is that a dog law was changed in the middle of the night and this poor woman was then raided, without notice, and her dogs scooped up to be rushed away to waiting gas chambers or to be sold to the Arabs … or something.

Hmmm… There was something odd here. You see, for starters this blog does not normally cover dog issues. Nor is it noted for rationale discourse or a careful gathering of facts. In fact, it prides itself as being “Another Right-Wing Web Aggregator and Purveyor of Unpopular Opinions.”

In short, it’s a place that starts and collects conspiracy theories and circulates them back out to the gullible.

Scroll down and look at the badges on the right side of this blog, and what you find is a glad bag of right-wing nuttery. This blog salutes the crackpot Michelle Malkin, and has a picture of Charlton Heston doing his “cold dead body” thing with a flintlock rifle held high over his head.

Now I support the Second Amendment, but I also support all the other parts of the U.S. Constitution. Where was the badge on this blog in support of the First Amendment’s separation of Church and State? Not there. Instead we find a badge that says “Islamaphobic and Proud of It.”

Right. Got it. A paranoid gun nut who thinks hate is humorous.

Shirley Thistlewaite at Yes Biscuit! calls out HSUS and Michael Vick for their recent “secret password required” anti-dogfighting event — no press allowed; Kansas City, Missouri decided to set a dog impound quota for its animal control officers — sheer genius idea for driving up their kill rate. Local bloggers broke the story, and there’s an update and links to follow-up information and sources from Brent Toellner at KC Dog Blog; Dr. Patty Khuly points out there’s nothing “simple” about a “simple” spay; more on the FDA shutdown of the largest manufacturer of generic animal drugs in the US here and here from the VIN News Service.

And you might have missed our own Liz Palika’s hysterical and heartwarming story about her leopard tortoise Pearl yesterday — if you did, check it out now!

What have we missed? Let us know in the comments, and enjoy your Saturday!…

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