Pets are a comfort when you’re not feeling well

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Heather-claraRegular readers know — because I’ve whined about it, plenty — that I’ve been bedeviled by back pain in the last couple of years.

Until recently, the flair-ups were always  stress- and work-related, predictable as the sunrise. I’d spend several long days in a row working up to a deadline, finish the project, then the back spams would start. A couple of uncomfortable days of taking it easy while waiting for everything to calm down and unknot, and that would be that.

Until recently, that is.

I won’t know for sure for a while yet what has changed, since my doctor’s on vacation and I’ve decided things aren’t so bad as to beg to see her associate (not yet, anyway). But I’m guessing what I have is an extremely annoyed sciatic nerve, and I’ll be looking at the range of options for care next month. As always, I’ll be looking at traditional and complementary care, and I think I probably need to get back into yoga and other gentle strength-building.

But for now, about all I can do is take cope with the pain, which means not as much sitting at the computer as is normal for me.

The last two days have been spent mostly in bed. Aside from the discomfort, it would be a pleasure to do nothing, to be forced to prop myself comfortably up on pillows with my pets all around me. I’ve checked in now and then with my netbook and broadband card, but mostly I’ve just been reading magazines and going through catalogs.

The pets who have enjoyed the last couple of days most: The two cats and the two older dogs.  And I’ve sure enjoyed having them at my side.

If only I could teach the younger dogs to bring me tea.

Image above: Heather, who’ll be 13 years old in November,  and the Empress Clara, who’ll turned 2 last March. Yes, they sleep on the pillows. Why do you ask?

Image below: Faith and McKenzie. Faith is not even five months old and she’s almost as tall as her mother. Her latest nickname:  Leggy McLeggerton.

McKenzie has recovered well from her spay and is getting her fitness, figure and coat back.

The two of them, mother and daughter, are very close.


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Pets are a comfort when you’re not feeling well Lulu The English Bulldog

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