It’s Animal Week on NPR’s ‘Fresh Air’

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bigstockphoto_Dogs_Playing_1303968One of my favorite radio programs, NPR’s “Fresh Air,” is running Animal Week this week. While not quite as gripping as Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, this comes in a close second by a whisker.

They are spotlighting animal related articles and stories, and it’s well worth tuning in.You can find showtimes on

I have already heard Temple Grandin (autistic animal advocate and consultant on the construction of animal-oriented slaughterhouses) and journalist Michael Shaffer (author of “One Nation under Dog”). I was late taking my son, Connor, to pre-school because I was having one of those “driveway moments” where I just couldn’t turn off the radio. I have my priorities, and the provision of excellent education to my son is high on the list, but some things just top it all at times. I mean, if the car was on fire, I probably would have just listened to the segment and not the whole show, but hearing how you would actually design a humane slaughterhouse had me riveted.

Michael Shaffer discussed a lot of the pros and cons of dog parks, a subject I am still grappling with. He mentioned that the social interactions between people are an important and beneficial by-product of the dog park phenom.

But, I have a hard time aligning this with the terrible carnage I see come into the ER as a result of dog on dog aggression from dog parks. I know that my perspective is skewed by what I do, and I acknowledge that there are many, many good things that can come of a well-run and cooperative dog park, but I still see so much tragedy come from these places that it is hard for me see the positive side sometimes.

I would encourage anyone with an interest in pets and animal-related issues to give it a listen.…

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