Christie and her mom: Need good thoughts!

September 10, 2009 at 7:41 pm Leave a comment

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Christie’s mom, Kathleen McKenzie, got a visit from the ultimate therapy dogs for her:  Scottish Deerhounds, brought in for a visit by a long-time friend. Christie said the visit was the best thing that had happened at their home for a long time, and certainly helped lift everyone’s  spirits, especially since Rebel’s death marked the first time in more than 25 years there hasn’t been a shaggy and noble presence in the house.

Christie took pictures, and was meaning to write about this impromptu Deerhound therapy today, but it was not to be. Kathleen fell last night and shattered some bones, and is now being prepared for surgery.

Please, share a good thought for them both in the comments. They are both at the end of their reserves of strength, emotionally and physically, and I can’t help but think some mental energy pushed their way — call it prayers, whatever suits you — would help.


In the meantime … good veterinary care and prayers seems to have given Heather a shot at more time with us. She is on Day 3 of her new protocols — new drugs, new supplements, new exercise regimen and more — and feeling so good that she got out of bed on her own steam today and asked to go out with friend Bob on the morning run.

To be sure,  her “run” will be a slow walk-trot of a quarter- to a half-mile at most, while Woody and McKenzie may do 10 miles with Bob at a fast clip. It doesn’t matter: What matters is that Heather wanted to go. Two days ago, where she seemed to be wanting to go was another place entirely, one where the living can’t follow.…

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