“Give Me the Rock” Says Elephant

September 16, 2009 at 10:45 pm Leave a comment

Expect a call from the MetsHumans throw tantrums, monkeys throw poo and elephants throw rocks.

That was my key learning for today.

First off, my mother was very unhappy with my father’s inability to clean the dishes he uses. Apparently she’s sick and tired of gathering them from his office and putting them in the dishwasher. She says if she were a dog, she’d be a working class breed. My father doesn’t say anything.

After all, it isn’t easy to rinse a cup and then have to place it into a device that does the actual cleaning because she still needs to unload it afterward. Anyway, the old man got such an earful that even I will make sure to clean my dog bowls after I’m done eating tonight.

Then I went on the internet and found out that monkeys are a bunch of show-offs. Seems they like to go chucking poo around. Don’t they know every dog on this planet would give his left paw to be able to fling his own dung?

And finally, I pull up one of my favorite online papers and find out some elephants don’t like humans. To highlight that fact one even throws rocks at them. The Metro Uk has the full story.

Authorities in South Korea are investigating a heinous crime, in which an elephant in a zoo is alleged to have thrown a stone at a woman’s head.

The woman, identified only has having the surname Kim, was visiting the Children’s Grand Park zoo in Seoul when, she told police, she saw the elephant picking up a stone with its trunk.

She then turned away from the elephant – only to be hit on the back of the head by a large stone.

She alerted the authorities to the alleged rock-flinging animal, a 35-year-old named Taesani, but upon investigating they found that the scene of the crime was not in range of the zoo’s CCTV cameras.

‘Though Ms Kim believes the elephant threw a stone at her, it’s hard to conclude that the elephant attacked her since there are neither witnesses nor evidence,’ a police source told the Dong-A Ilbo newspaper.

One thing’s for sure, that elephant is no Dumbo.


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