Hot dog! Getting a pup fix at a Canine Carnival

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Been a bit gloomy around here lately, and truth be told I was thinking of just wallowing in the grief and maybe finishing a book when Jennifer Fearing e-mailed on Saturday with a better idea for Sunday: Attend the Canine Carnival of the Butte Humane Society.

I said no.

But she persevered. She’s an advocate by profession, of course, the top dog and chief lobbyist of the HSUS here in Sacramento.

“Look,” she argued. “It’ll be fun. We can take Faith and Yoda. And get this: The kennel club up there is also involved. We want to get people working together, right? So let’s support this.”

I said no.

Chico is more than an hour away, and it has been very, very hot. And I didn’t much want to be cheered up.

But then she argued that it would be great socialization for puppy Faith. Smart girl, is Jennifer: She know there’s nothing I won’t do for the pets. So we had a plan.

Yes, it was hot. But it was also great fun. Kudos to this great little shelter for trying to unite the dog-lovers of its county for a better life for all animals.

The turn-out was great, both the volunteers and the public. Dogs of all sizes shapes, breeds and mixes mingled happily, and the owners were all smiles. The contest, games and demonstrations were wonderful, and the snow cones were sublime.

Faith, a/k/a FayBee, went as a bee, but it was Yoda who took a prize (second) in the costume contest, dressed as … Yoda! (”If I’d dressed as Princess Leia we would have won,” said the ever-competitive Jennifer, only half in jest.)

In truth it WAS wonderful to see reputable breeders and their breed rescues welcomed as part of the community and the solution at a shelter event — there has been too much venom-spitting from extremists on both sides lately. Instead, the Canine Carnival was welcoming to all, and everyone was feeling great, just enjoying the day, the dogs and the fun.

For me, it was a day well-spent. And nearly 6-month-old HellPuppy Faith– who was a bit of an angel, considering all new things she was dealing with — slept clear though until morning, she was so exhausted. (Maybe those antennae are heavier than they look.)

Here’s the story from the Chico Enterprise-Record.

Update on the home hospice front: Heather is doing really well right now. We seem to have the pain meds just about perfect. She’s happy to be here, so much so that she even hopped in the kiddie pool on Saturday. And she’s eating! Lucy Postins of Honest Kitchen overnighted me a box of Nuzzles treats and Ice Pups, which Heather loves as a warm broth. Heather will also happily eat: Rotisserie chicken, Merrick’s canned dinners, raw chicken necks, ice cream, melon slices, dandelion greens and Annie’s Bunny Grahams. Yes, the dying dog eats anything she wants, and only what she wants.

Her kiddie-pool dip was a concern because she’s wearing a Fentanyl patch for pain. I didn’t know if the water killed it. But it just so happened I had an interview skedded with Dr. Marc Wosar, a boarded veterinary surgeon with Miami Veterinary Specialists. The interview was for an upcoming article for Parade magazine, but since I had him on the phone, I asked about the patch.

He said to take off the Vetwrap and let the area dry, and then check to see if the patch was well-sealed to the skin. If so, it was still good.

It was, and we left it. It gets changed on schedule tomorrow.

Thanks Dr. Marc!…

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Hot dog! Getting a pup fix at a Canine Carnival Clara e Ilario plot to rule the world

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