Dog Mistakes Gas Pedal for Brake

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I'm here to pick up my ownerAll who know me say that I’m a driven dog. I give it to you straight on this blog so yeah, these folks are right to say that about me.

I’m driven…everywhere.

In the summer my rides usually only get me to the park, but during fall and spring my destinations are diversified to include Home Depot, Publix and Rover’s House of Pancakes.

Regardless of season I’m always driven to the vet’s. What, you don’t expect me to walk there do you?

The only problem with this arrangement is that I don’t get to go on my schedule. It is dictated by my control freak parents.

Oh how things would change if I had the courage to take the keys into my own paws and do what the pup in the following story did. TVNZ has the details.

A dog that crashed his owner’s car into a Cromwell cafe has been let off with a warning, along with his owner.

And police say they want others to heed the message not to leave pets and children unattended in vehicles, especially with the keys in.

It was one of those moments they will talk about for years to come – the day the Fusee Rouge cafe had a ram raid with a dog at the wheel.

“The dog is five-and-a-half years of age. His name is Wilco,” says Senior Constable John Chambers of Cromwell police.

Wilco’s owner had stopped his ute to buy beer, leaving the motor running. The dog jumped up on the column gear stick.

Thirty years of policing had not prepared Chambers for what he found in the driver’s seat.

“When I arrived, to my disbelief I found it was a dog that was responsible for causing the damage,” he says.

The owner has been let off with a warning.

“The owner at the moment is very much like his dog with tail between his legs,” says Chambers.

But there is a point to this shaggy dog story – a key message. Always take the keys out of the car with you.

Unless your dog has errands to run.…

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