The Deadhead dog: Archer and I invented a new game

September 23, 2009 at 12:41 pm Leave a comment

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archerrosesAll three of the dogs were out in the front yard with me the other day  as I deadheaded (clipped off spent blossoms) my roses. Bashir and Riker were enjoying the sun while watching the neighbors,  but Archer was fascinated with what I was doing for some reason. He usually doesn’t pay attention to my gardening attempts so I was watching him as he was watching me.

Australian Shepherds don’t usually have a ‘hard eye’ (at least not as strong as Border Collies, for example), but Archer does have a good strong eye. As he watched me clip the rose blossoms he was giving me that eye.

So, as I clipped a blossom, I tossed it over my shoulder. Snap! He caught it.

I laughed, cheered him on, “Good catch!” and a new game was born.

I tossed rose blossoms, trying to do so with giving him any clue as to where the blossom was going, and he stared at me close enough to try and catch clues from body movements.  When he caught a blossom, he chomped it once (to show the blossom who’s boss, I guess) and then spit it out.

I have to admit, we were having so much fun I ended up clipping all the blossoms –  both those gone by and those in bloom –  I guess I enjoy having fun with my dogs more than I enjoy the roses.

I did leave all the buds, though, so we can play our new game again soon.…

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