Jon and Bentley, a new service dog team

September 25, 2009 at 2:45 pm Leave a comment

JonBentley2My dog training organization, Kindred Spirits, is congratulating Jon Smith and his Goldendoodle, Bentley, on becoming certified as a new Service Dog team. You can see by their photo, both are quite happy!

Jon and Bentley began training with us in kindergarten puppy class and at that time, Jon said he wanted to pursue service dog training for Bentley. Although we told him that we couldn’t promise anything that early in the game, we did structure his training with that in mind.

Jon made sure Bentley was very well socialized and did a good job introducing Bentley to his basic obedience skills. A basic obedience class followed the puppy class, and Jon continued working with Bentley at home, out in the community, and in class. Bentley was a very silly puppy but he did fine.

When he turned into an adolescent, Bentley had a few rocky months but we knew it was a stage of development, and Jon did a good job with him. He remained patient and worked his dog through it.

We began Bentley’s formal service dog training when he settled down. Jon has mobility issues and Bentley was taught to help him with that — bracing for Jon to steady himself, helping steady him over curbs, up and down stairs, and on escalators. Jon often needs help getting up from a chair and Bentley knows how to help him there, too. Bentley is very willing and if he can understand what Jon needs, he does it.

Recently Jon and his wife were traveling and of course, Bentley went with them. Jon came back to Kindred Spirits glowing; he was so proud of his dog. He said Bentley did fine in the hotel rooms, in stores, and every where they went. He said people commented on Bentley’s good behavior everywhere.

Good job, Jon and Bentley! I’m so proud of both of you. Congratulations!…

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