Gorillas, Bees and Bacon

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Hard working gorillas are hard to findToday I’m going to try something different; a bunch of little stories for your enjoyment.  Here we go…

The following could happen in my neighborhood too, especially if my old man were to run around with his shirt off.

A man dressed as a gorilla for a charity run was stopped by police after calls from motorists who thought he was an ape which had escaped from a zoo.

Rory Coleman ran from his home in Nottinghamshire to London in his costume to take part in the event supporting the Gorilla Organisation – which works in central Africa to protect the apes’ habitat.

Some of the other runners embellished their costumes to become gorilla superheroes, ballerinas, Vikings and pirates.

Ever have one of those damn insects flying around your head and you just can’t catch them with your snout or swat them with your paw? Fortunately for me I’m usually not driving when that happens. The following is what happens when you drive a truck load into a bee commuter bus.

A van stacked with beehives crashed into a truck, causing the bees to swarm and attack five injured victims and their rescuers.

Around 20 people, including medical staff and police who responded to the accident, needed hospital treatment after the accident near Marmaris in Turkey.

Beekeepers had to be called in to evacuate the injured and clear up the mess safely.

I’m not much of a reader, more of a writer really, but I think that’s about to change. Check out the latest technology being employed by bookmark makers.

Bookmarks made of leather are common enough but how about a rasher of bacon?

That was what one library-goer used as they made their way through Len Deighton’s World War II book Blood, Tears And Folly.

The slice was uncovered when the tome was returned to a library in Worthing, West Sussex.

I gotta run. I have to call my publisher to see if we can print Bad to the Bone on bacon.


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