Skunk’s BMI Off The Chart After Bacon Binge

October 1, 2009 at 1:13 am Leave a comment

Does this sweater make me look fat?I’m a hearty eater.

If I had input into my daily rations it would look something like this:
Breakfast: bacon and eggs- hold the eggs and extra bacon-crispy
Lunch: bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich- hold the lettuce and tomato. Oh, and substitute the bread for some bacon.
Dinner: A pig. Yeah the whole damn thing. It’s dinner time for crying out loud. You want me to starve?

As much as I pray for such a varied selection of food, I know it’s not forthcoming. Unless of course you substitute the words dry kibble with bacon. Then I’m getting more than enough of it.

Anyway, I’m not the only one with a hankering for anything bacon. A skunk in the UK does too. But his world is about to change. The BBC News has the full story.

An overweight skunk from Somerset, whose main diet was bacon sandwiches, has been given a new home and put on a strict diet.

The owners of Mr Bumble the skunk handed him over to the RSPCA when they realised they could not look after him.

Park owner Chris Noisier said Mr Bumble weighed one stone (6.8kg) and needed to lose 5-6lb (2.2-2.7kg).

For the uneducated dogs out there one stone is about the weight of an average Thanksgiving turkey.

Mr Noisier said: “We’re now working on dieting him down to what he should be. Clearly bacon butties are not a normal part of a skunk’s diet in the wild.

“We’re putting him on the vegetarian option at the moment. It’s very much like a human weight watching issue.

Chris Noisier said Mr Bumble was currently being fed on a vegetable high-fibre, low-energy diet consisting of greens and melon.

He is also taken for two 30-minute walks each day on a lead.

Asked for a comment Mr Bumble said, “This stinks.”…

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