Regarding the unfortunate ’spoilage’ of the merchandise

October 12, 2009 at 5:53 pm Leave a comment

I guess it’s a pretty good bet that any attorney who’d take on the case of someone who had about a thousand — yes, you read that right, a thousand — animals on his property, many sick, dying or dead, is probably not the world’s biggest animal-lover, but this quote from said attorney is really astonishing:

“The credibility of his business was in being able to provide healthy animals. Unfortunately, not much different than a grocery store, you have a certain amount of spoilage, and that’s a whole lot of what we’re faced with here.”

That’s attorney Brian Storts, speaking on behalf of his client, who made his living selling animals at flea markets in Texas.

Story here. The “spoilage” guy’s client has given ownership of the animals to the local humane authorities.  Oh, and he’s also “honest, law-abiding citizen” according to Storts.

OK, then! If only those animals had been considerate enough not to go and spoil on him, everything would be fine. Just fine.…


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