Another Wysong recall

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WysongErrorPageThe recalls keep rolling. A notice sent by Wysong to its distributors and retailers today, identifying additional foods that are being recalled:

To: Wysong Distributors and Retailers

Dear Valued Wysong Distributors and Retailers,

In light of our recent recall, we have been conducting thorough retesting on all dry products.

Some additional products have been found to be suspect in terms of moisture and water activity and we wish to recall them just to be on the safe side. These lots include:

Maintenanceâ„¢ (lot#090817)
Seniorâ„¢ (lot#090811)
Synorgonâ„¢ (lot#090629)

The in-house examination of many bags from these batches has turned up no sign of mold. But we believe there is that potential and so we would like you to help us recall these as a precaution.

As with our previous recalled batches of product, we have no reason to believe that these products present an imminent hazard to animals.

Nevertheless, please do not sell any of these products that you have in stock, and withdraw the products from store shelves as soon as possible.

A credit for all such product that you have in stock and withdrawn from stores will be issued. As possible, customers should be told not to feed the product.

We ask that you please act promptly. Let us know if we may be of any assistance contacting stores. The number one complaint we have received thus far is from customers who were not notified.

It is important to note that although the issuance of further recalls may give the impression that this is a current or going to be an ongoing problem, please understand that the subject of all of these recalls are past Wysong batches of product from a defined time period. And although we cannot be certain, we are confident that this will be the last of our recalls pursuant to this past summer’s mold problem. With the measures we have put in place we have no reason to believe there will be problems moving forward, just as there have not been for the past 25 years at our facility.

We know this is a great inconvenience and certainly not something you need with the current economic state of affairs. We are devastated in the thought that we have troubled and disappointed you. As we move forward and this is behind us, we will figure out a way to make it up to you.

Thank you for your continued efforts.


Linda Sue and staff,
Wysong Corporation

Looks like they took down their original recall notice, but never fear… on the Internets, everything is forever. The update to that page is still there, but I couldn’t find this new one even with a lot of poking around the site. It might be there, but if a recall notice is posted in the woods and there are no bears there to see it… does it make a sound?…


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