Scooby Takes Stand In Murder Trial

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No! You're out of order!!!Scooby Doo. I remember him as a happy go lucky Great Dane who hung out with his loser owner Shaggy. I don’t doubt the two shared in some illicit drug use leading them to see ghosts and apparitions.

But those were the days of Scooby’s youth. It turns out that at some point he was given to a French lady where they shared an apartment in the city of love, Paris. Sadly, their relationship ended tragically.

Scooby [a dog] will give evidence [at trial] as he is believed to have been with his 59-year-old owner when she was found hanging from the ceiling of her Paris flat.

Police believe the death was suicide, but her family cry murder – and the only witness to see the alleged crime is on four legs.

Why is it that Scooby always finds himself in the middle of some crime? Has the thought not crossed anyone’s mind that he may in fact be the perpetrator of the crime?

It is hoped Scooby can collar the potential perpetrator, having already played a leading role during a preliminary court hearing in Nanteree, a Paris suburb.

He is said to have hounded a suspect, “barking furiously” after being taken out of the kennel and into the witness box by a vet.

Of course he’s going to try and push the blame onto someone else.  And I bet, like OJ, he’s going to spend the rest of his life hunting them down…on a golf course.

[Lawyers] said: “Human evidence is unreliable enough, let alone canine evidence.

“Besides, the victim died two and half years ago, which is seventeen dog years! How is the animal supposed to remember that far back?”

Especially for a dog with a history of suspected drug use. Weed kills…just ask Shaggy.

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Scooby Takes Stand In Murder Trial Another Wysong recall

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