Today would be a good day to be in San Diego

October 31, 2009 at 2:41 pm Leave a comment

Well,  heck, the fact is in my book ANY day is a good day to be in San Diego. It’s one of my all-time favorite getaways, and would be even if it weren’t a short hop on Southwest away. (How much do I like SD? Consider: 25 years after the fact, I’m STILL kicking myself for not saying “yes! yes! yes!” when the San Diego Union offered me a better job than the one I had at The Sacramento Bee … and I said … no. D’oh!)

But maybe it’s just as well, because if I lived in San Diego I’d waste every Saturday at Liz’s place. Her Kindred Spirits training facility (complete with geese and agility obstacles) has a full slate of classes every Saturday, and on holidays, they really go all out.

I know today’s classes will be more like a canine carnival — that’s just the way they roll at Kindred Spirits. Here are a couple of the Aussie boys checking the fun stuff for quality control:

Oct 2009 054
Since this is the day when people do some crazy things, keep your pets in today — and especially tonight. Crates are good thing for bolters and fear-biters. Use them.…


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Today would be a good day to be in San Diego Henry S. Salt (1851-1939) on Moral Blindness

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