I start Christmas shopping early

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Most years I try to start my Christmas shopping in August or September; that gives me time to spread the financial impact out over several months — I like to make a big deal out of Christmas. But this year has gone by so quickly I’ve found myself behind. So this past week I spent time browsing through some paper and online catalogs and thought I’d share some of my research with you for your holiday shopping.

My dogs love the Planet Dog toys so I always do some shopping there. The original Orbee has been a standard in our house for many years but Bashir also likes the Orbee-Tuff Mint. Planet Dog also has eco friendly toys made from recycled materials and also sells hemp collars. The Planet Dog Foundation provides grants for many service dog organizations.

deluxefullbraidedleashesI’ve been shopping at J and J Dog Supplies for many years.  This is the place to shop for that friend who competes in dog sports. They have everything from well made leather leashes to jumps, agility equipment, treat bags, and more.

AutoSport automotive outfitters  has seat covers, back seat protectors, and cargo liners for a variety of vehicles. They state, “These covers protect your seats and pamper your pets.”

I feed my dogs in Brakefast bowls. These unspillable bowls have plastic pillars in them so the dog has to slow down while he’s eating.  I tried putting rocks in their food initially but all three of my dogs were smart enough to simply remove the rocks. These bowls actually slow them down. Fetch Dog carries these bowls. They also have a variety of decorative collars, including eco friendly hemp collars.

Bronner’s Christmas Favorites is a catalog of ornaments of all kinds — it’s fascinating to see where their ornament makers’ imaginations have gone! They sell glass ornaments in the shape of Dachshunds, Jack Russells, Pugs, Shih Tzu, and Yorkshire Terriers as well as several other breeds. They also have glass balls with I (heart) my (breed). These can be personalized with the dog’s name.  There are several other cute or funny dog related ornaments, as well as cat ornaments, horses, alligators and more.

Sormani Calendars has been selling calendars since 1940 and offers a calendar to suit everyone’s hobby or interest.  There are calendars for exotic locales, for book lovers, cat lovers, dog fanciers, train collectors, chicken owners, goat keepers, hamster owners,  lighthouse enthusiasts, and more. For cat owners, some of the breeds offered include Abyssinians, American Shorthairs, black cats, Burmese, calico, Himalayas, Maine Coons, Persians, and Scottish Folds.  There are even more dog breeds and horse breeds.

A general interest catalog, Potpourri  has some good gift ideas. If someone on your shopping list loves yellow Labs, there is a framed photo of a yellow Lab looking backwards over the back of a red sofa.  It’s very simple yet very expressive. Also for Lab owners, a yellow Lab and a black Lab are in a canoe, each holding a paddle.  Then there is a sweatshirt or T-shirt with illustrations of cartoon dogs dances their hearts out above the saying, “Dances with Woofs.” Very cute.

capuzMindWare: Brainy Toys for Kids of All Ages has some 4-D puzzles in the shapes of dogs and cats. The dog set has puzzle pieces in the shape of a ShihTzu, Dachshund, Beagle or Pomeranian. The cat set has a cream tabby, Persian, Scottish Fold, and a Siamese. There are 18 pieces in each puzzle. Other puzzles are in the shape of tortoises, endangered animals, dinosaurs, and more.

MindWare hasn’t forgotten horse enthusiasts. They have a Scupt 3-D Clay-Play kit. A pre-form movable skeleton is provided as well as instructions as to how to build a horse out of clay on to this foundation. The horse can be made realistic or cartoon.

So, you all know where I’m going to be doing some of my shopping. Do you have a favorite paper or online catalog for gift shopping?


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