Why animal-lovers haven’t — and won’t — forgive Sick Vick

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When Michael Vick flew in with the only team so ethically deprived/desperate to sign him, the Philadelphia Eagles, to play the Oakland Raiders in BADRAP’s back yard, the folks at BADRAP offered to let him see how well his former fighters were doing and apologize to the dogs directly, they heard back from him …


{More nothing]

[And still more nothing]

When protesters showed up to greet him at the game, they were met by louts who weren’t so silent. “He paid his dues,” seems to be the prevaling message put out by his enablers moneysuckingleeches PR crew/agents/lawyers/image rebuilders.  Except that the people who shared this carefully placed PR lie were much more blunt in delivering it. (At a Raiders game? Who would have thunkit?)

But he hasn’t paid, he doesn’t care and there’s no sign of any of that changing. 

In her blistering column for SFGate.com, our Christie Keith writes:

However many times dog lovers hear such advice [to move on], they’re not getting any closer to taking it. That’s because not only has Vick not served one minute in prison for animal cruelty, he was far more cruel to his dogs than most of his defenders seem to realize.

Most people are aware that Michael Vick was “convicted of dog fighting.” They know he went to prison, and they’ve also probably seen the news stories, including a moving Sports Illustrated cover story, about the Vick dogs that were rescued and rehabilitated after being seized from his Bad Newz Kennels.

But that’s only part of the story.

“What Michael Vick did was not just dog fighting,” said Marthina McClay of Our Pack, a pit bull rescue group in Santa Clara, and the owner of one of the Vick dogs, Leo. “It went so far beyond that, and most people who defend him are uninformed. They don’t really realize what Michael Vick did.”

If you’re one of the people McClay is talking about, let me invite you into Donna Reynolds’ nightmare.

Click to get a look into hell. And read the backstory on Christie piece in an earlier blog post.


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Daisy The Beagle Dog Why animal-lovers haven’t — and won’t — forgive Sick Vick

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