Truth in labeling, or, a picture is worth a thousand words

November 17, 2009 at 7:46 am Leave a comment

Considering all the crap and the crap within crap the FDA is perfectly happy to sanction for human consumption, you can consider that it’ll be a cold day in hell when my pets eat the remains of salvaged livestock carcasses from boxes marked “Unfit for Human Consumption.”

Hat tip to Therese at the PetFoodList for this little find — the picture alone says it all. And also for this one, an incredibly sympathetic article about how Menu Foods is rebounding from the pet-food recall, in large part because they’re still the best at turning out cheap food:

But a strange thing has happened since the days of pooch poisoning and souring sales headlines. Mr. Henderson is quietly rebuilding the business. And while some pet food producers are struggling to sell their higher-priced products in a recession, he’s making money again.

Wow, I’m so happy for him! How very brave to continue on after that little “pooch poisoning” problem cut so deeply into the bottom line. (Alliteration aside, more cats were killed than dogs … but hey, who’s counting? Still not the FDA!)

But  wait … isn’t cheap food how Menu got into trouble in the first place?

Kudos to Mars and P&G/Iams for giving Menu the boot for good.  And shame on the Financial Post for such a softball piece. Yes, technically I suppose thousands killed and tens of thousands sickened qualifies as “at least a dozen dead,” but seriously … this piece couldn’t have been a bigger Valentine if company flacks had written it themselves.…

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