Will our food — and our pets’ — be safer soon?

November 18, 2009 at 8:36 pm Leave a comment

bigstockphoto_Colorful_Produce_Market_892115I am not holding my breath, but some cautious and skeptical semi-quasi-optimism about the safety of our food supply is not entirely irrational at this moment, pending the further analysis and developments that will undoubtedly make this all entirely meaningless — and of course, no mention of the pet food recall or pet food at all:

A Senate committee passed legislation on Wednesday that would increase government oversight of the U.S. food supply, which has been battered by a series of high-profile recalls that have soured consumer confidence in the food safety system.

The bill would expand U.S. Food and Drug Administration oversight of the food supply by giving it the power to order recalls, increase inspection rates and require all facilities to have a food safety plan in place.

[….]It has been almost 50 years since oversight of the food supply was significantly overhauled, but momentum to reform the system has grown following high-profile outbreaks involving lettuce, peppers, peanuts and spinach since 2006.

An estimated 76 million people in the United States get sick every year with foodborne illness and 5,000 die, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Senate legislation would require FDA to inspect all food facilities at least once every four years and high-risk plants no less than once a year. Currently, many facilities can go several years without being inspected.

It also would implement traceability for fruits and vegetables, and require the FDA to conduct a pilot study for processed foods.

Read the whole thing here. Tell us whatcha think.



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