Truth in advertising: So, I shouldn’t have mentioned the dogs … or the bumper sticker?

November 19, 2009 at 9:06 pm Leave a comment

Suddenly, my brother and I (different houses, best friends, some merged finances) have more vehicles than we need. He has a convertible, currently blanketed and tucked in gently at our mother’s garage until summer. He’s driving a used pick ‘em up truck. I’m driving a used pick ‘em up truck. And I additionally currently own not one but two minivans: The ‘97 Toyota Previa I recently bought from my neighbor Judy, which came fully equipped with Varikennel 500s, and my ‘98 Plymouth Voyager (pictured, with its Bark magazine sticker showing, forgot to mention that one), which is on the way off the used-car lot that my home has become.

To accomplish the goal this weekend (I hope), I put an ad on Craiglist this morning:

‘98 Plymouth Voyager SE — one owner, low miles – $950

The good: Incredibly low mileage for a 12-year-old van — 90K — dark green exterior, grey cloth interior. Great AC, power windows, nice sound system, newish tires. 20ish mpg. Should be a good transportation car for years. One owner, regular servicing.

The bad: Sagging bumper left front bumper (bolt broke, doesn’t impede driving), electrical short in door, neither interior nor exterior very pretty. This was my “dog car.” The rear bench seats have been stored since 1999 in the garage, so they’re like new. But the rest … well … allergies may be a problem and the fastidious dog-hater will not like this vehicle, possibly even after detailing.

The good or bad: Obama sticker, under which is an anti-Bush sticker. If you’re a Rush-Beck person, the karma on my dogma may be very wrong for you.

Price is $950 dollars firm, cash or registered check . I’m giving a good break off low private sale Edmunds book for you to pay for detailing and to deal with the electrical short.

Seems there are a few potential buyers already, and my brother will be dealing with them this weekend. But I knew I would get a nastygram,  and I was not disappointed. Paraphrasing over the f-bombs, removing the caps and hyper-exclamation pointing, here’s the meat of it:

I wouldn’t sit where your fat ass has been and I wouldn’t let my kids sit where your shitty mutts have been, either. Obama? It figures. Another clueless socialist, but I don’t expect YOU to care about the future of this country. You’re another dog freak who hates children.

Yeah, well … that’s why I put all the details in the ad. To save everyone some time. You’re welcome!

Actually, I’m surprised I got only one such response, but the day is young ……

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