Don’t Poo Poo DNA Evidence

November 23, 2009 at 5:45 pm Leave a comment

I can't poo in that!I remember the good old days when the only thing watching me was my parents, and then only for a moment or two.

You see, they’d lose interest quickly after letting me outside to do my business in the fenced in yard. I always helped my cause by laying down after my initial burst of energy. Of course I was faking being tired since there was exploring to do.

After enough time had lapsed, I’d head to the fence at the back of the property and dig out underneath it.  Just like that, I’d be free to roam the streets of suburbia for the day. Good times, my friends, good times.

Those days of going ‘freestyle’ are quickly coming to an end, not only for me, but for everyone.  We now have cameras monitoring our every move, gps tracking collars around our necks and bodies embedded with microchips.

There’s even rumor I’ll be taxed for every yard I run through! What’s society coming to?

Here’s a hint of the next stage of government imposition being thrust upon us…check out what’s happening in Germany.

A German lawmaker proposed on Monday a novel and high-tech way of dealing with the menace of dog poo on the streets: DNA testing to identify the canine culprit and fine its owner.

Peter Stein, a conservative politician in eastern Germany, told AFP that under his proposal, officials would test the excrement and then match it up to the offending dog using a DNA database of all pooches.

German dog owners are fined 30-40 euros (40-50 dollars) if they fail to clean up after their pets, but very few are caught, with only four fines given out in Stein’s hometown of Rostock — human population 200,000 — last year.

“Just saying ‘it wasn’t my dog’ will not wash any more,” Stein said.

I gotta go. I’ve got some cleaning up to do.

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