Good-bye ol’ Forest: My DogCar goes away

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forestbyeWhile I’ve always bought vehicles with the dogs in mind, my ‘98 Plymouth Voyager SE was the first purchased with the dogs at the very top of the list.The first thing I did after buying it brand spanking new was pull out the rear bench seats, the better to get crates and dog gear in.

Rare was the time I turned over the engine without a dog or two (three or four) in the car.

The Voyager has been a good vehicle: Countless river runs, lots of training trips, competitions and a coast-to-coast drive to live in a beach house in on the Florida Panhandle for a few months in the winter of 2000-1.  My heart dog, Queen Heather, spent her entire life with me in that van, which I named Forest, as in Green.

And now they’re both gone.

roger&meWith 12 years and close to 100K miles, the Voyager was becoming increasingly unreliable. So I stole my brother’s little truck — an ‘87 Mazda pick ‘em up with less than 65K miles — as my daily driver (he bought a newer used truck), and also snared neighbor Judy’s ‘97 Toyota Previa van as my DogCar, because it was in better condition.

In the end, I didn’t sell ol’ Forest — I donated him, to Capital Public Radio. Quite a few people responded to my Craigslist ad, but I just got the feeling a lot of them were planning bad things for Forest, and I didn’t want him involved in the smuggling of drugs, puppy-mill pugs or undocumented workers.

So … he went to charity, with lots of Heather’s fur still in him. He just left, and yes, I feel sad. Yes, I know that’s crazy, but it’s still true.


fltcoatI even gave away the plates.  My “FLTCOAT” vanity plates will end up on another person’s car in SoCal — she wanted them, and I … am planning to leave the state in the not-to-distant future. So they’re gone, too.

End of an era, truly.…

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Good-bye ol’ Forest: My DogCar goes away Don’t Poo Poo DNA Evidence

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