Taking flight: New bloggers, new books, good reads

December 5, 2009 at 4:24 pm Leave a comment

Next week, we’ll be introducing two new bloggers. I’ll write about them both later today, or maybe tomorrow.

Today, I’ll be reading the page proofs of  “The Ultimate Bird-Lover,
fourth book in the series Dr. Becker and I have written for HCI. This one’s kind of different, in that the editors decided to make it about both wild birds and domestic ones. Strange to see an article about the best birding locations in North America in the same book as articles about choosing the right cage for a bird, but it does seem to work out, I have to say.

martyKestrelDr. Becker needed a cover picture of him with a bird, so he headed over to the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine (his alma mater) for a photo shoot.  It was decided to have his picture taken with a bird from the Raptor Rehabilitation Center (donations welcome).

The bird is an American kestrel, and I have to say in some of the shots Dr. Becker looks as if he doesn’t trust that the bird isn’t going to take a piece out of him. Which is probably wise, considering.

Anyway … speaking of raptors, I just finished Rebecca K. O’Connor’s memoir, “Lift,” which is in large part about her experiences as a falconer.  Dr. Becker heard her speak at a veterinary conference, and was wowed. The book’s a pleasure to read, too, and I’m most sorry we didn’t know about Rebecca sooner, so we could have had her contribute a story to“The Ultimate Bird-Lover.” Too late now, but it has still shaped up to be another book we’re proud of. (Rebecca’s “Heckled by Parrots” blog has been added to the blogroll — check it out!)

And now … on to the next books. Deadline for the first one: May.


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