A newsie addition, with short-legged doggies

December 6, 2009 at 8:57 pm Leave a comment

DSG_dogs1We have two new bloggers joining us this week. I’ll write about the second one tomorrow, and give a welcome to David S. Greene today.

Yes, we have a lot of bloggers here. But they’re all either writers specializing in pet-care topics, dog-trainers or veterinarians. Which means that blogging is what they do when they have two spare moments adjacent — they’re very busy people, one and all.

I’ve long wanted someone who isn’t quite as opinionatedexpert on the subject of pets, someone who can pick up the “hey, check out THIS story/blog post” sort of thing that with more books looming I just don’t have time to do. Someone who can also help out with the editing work across our media platforms.

David. S. Greene is person I have known for a decade, but as these funny things happen, I only met him in person last month, when he visited California to some consulting work in nearby Davis. A victim of the sucky economy, he’s now a consultant since his company downsized sharply. Before he went into the software training that’s now his main gig, he had a long and noteworthy career both in journalism and government. (He’s also notably over-educated, Syracuse, Harvard, George Washington, etc., which doesn’t impress me, but he’s a Red Sox fan, which surely does.)

So yeah, he has the chops to write about those places where pets intersect with other subject areas, such as happened during the pet-food recall. (He also writes a general interest blog with a pet-related name, Blah Blah Ginger.)

He’ll be specializing in news/blog wrap-ups and general pet-related news, leaving the opinionatedexpert stuff mostly to the rest of us. Despite his skills as a writer, reporter and editor, he’s the first to tell you he’s no pet expert. And I think that might be a good thing, since the rest of us are pretty immersed in the topic, too immersed some times.

That’s not to say he’s not a pet-lover, of course, David and his wife, musician Perry Desmond-Davies, have two spoiledbeloved dogs, longhaired dachshunds Cami and Harry.  And during his recent trip out here, he quickly established himself as puppy FayBee’s biggest fan.

Got a tip for good stuff elsewhere we ought to be seeing? Drop a note to David, here.


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