It’s our Parade! Topic: Little dogs, big problems

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Dr. Marty Becker and I wrote a short article for today’s edition of Parade magazine on the health and behavior challenges of today’s oh-so popular tiny dogs.  We interviewed Pet Connection regular commenter Lis about what she likes about Addy, her powderpuff Chinese Crested. Alas, Lis and Addy were trimmed for space.

Miami veterinary surgeon Dr. Marc Wosar, who has put oodles of tiny poodles and other little dogs back together as well as taken the bad bits out of them, took time out from a surgical seminar in lovely La Jolla, Calif.,  to give an extensive interview. (He also helped me with some timely advice on Heather’s pain patch, which had gotten wet. Since it was still sticking tight, said Dr. Wosar, she was still getting the pain relief. He made us both feel better, and no doubt helped to extend Heather’s time on this earth.)

Deborah Wood also was generous with her advice. She’s a person I’ve “known” for years but never had a long conversation with until this article. She is an expert on training small dogs, and recently took her expertise as a writer/trainer into a new arena: As director of her local animal shelter.

Too bad we didn’t have more room. As it stands, though, the piece is small but mighty meaty!

What else didn’t make the cut: If you want a small dog, adopt from a shelter or rescue or buy in person from reputable, ethical  home-based breeder. Small breeds and mixes are popular with puppy-milling scum, and the puppies that make it out of those hell-holes are especially challenged with health and behavior problems.

Not to mention: When you buy from a pet store or puppy-mill Web site, you’re supporting the continuation of a system of cruelty that’s truly mind-boggling. Your puppy may be safe now, but his mother isn’t.…

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