A diabolical plot to ensure Christie never leaves California again

December 9, 2009 at 6:52 pm Leave a comment

snowChristie has been sorting out more than her mother’s estate since Kathleen McKenzie passed on recently. Everything’s on the table right now, or at least open for consideration. Major life-changing events will do that to you, especially when your mother was not only your best friend, but also your housemate. And when, in recent years, you were also your mom’s 24/7 caregiver, with rarely more than a few hours respite .

Which is all by way of saying that Christie has been traveling a lot lately, in large part to clear her head. Now that she isn’t caring for a sick dog (Rebel, who died just before Christie’s mom) and sick mother, she can safely leave her one dog with a house-sitter and take off for a few days.

She has travelled more in the last six weeks than in the first 15 years I’ve known her.

But … ha! I have put an end to that! I told Christie it was a GREAT IDEA for her to visit friends in the Midwest in December.  The very same part of the country, mind you, that has been slammed by a massive winter storm, with new snowfall measured in feet.

Christie was supposed to come home today, but she’s just going to have to sit, um, chilly, because ain’t no flights leaving Detroit today, baby.

Image:  Christie’s iPhone view of the landscape outside. California, here she comes back (eventually), never to leave again!


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