Chi-chi-wow-wow: Come and get one!

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chiAs Susan Fox noted elsewhere, thank you, Paris Hilton:

In what appears to be strictly a California phenomenon, Golden State animal shelters have been deluged with Chihuahuas. The trembling, pop-eyed canines have replaced pit bulls as the dogs most likely to turn up at the pound.


Oakland’s shelter has so many Chihuahuas that staff members are arranging to charter a plane to airlift the petite pooches to other states, where small dogs are in demand. Volunteers have already driven more than 100 Chihuahuas to shelters in Oregon, Washington and Arizona.


The Bay Area is the envy of shelters around the country, where pit bulls still rule.

“I want your problem,” said Gail Buchwald, senior vice president of the ASPCA in New York City. “If you want to pack up a box of Chihuahuas and ship them here, I’d be thrilled.”

Small dogs stay at her shelter only a few days before they’re adopted, whereas pit bulls – which make up 95 percent of the shelter dogs – can stay for a month or longer.

Chihuahuas also tend to be quickly adopted in the Bay Area, although it can be difficult to find homes for the dozens that turn up in shelters every day.

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Meanwhile: The war of words between HSUS alpha wolf Wayne Pacelle and no-kill firebrand Nathan Winograd gets hotter still. Pacelle starts the latest round with a post that lauds the important people of the no-kill movement, pointedly omitting Winograd. (Or more likely he’s mentioned under “… despite the shrill efforts of a few no-kill advocates whose work has retarded the progress of that cause by alienating so many people… ” )

Winograd fires back, with the facts. The short version, my take: Winograd is a game-changer who is threatening to upset the apple-cart of a shelter industry that finds it easier to kill, kill, kill and point the finger elsewhere.  He is forcing the HSUS to change its language, if not its behavior, and now that they’re doing so, they’re going to take the credit for leadership — credit they don’t deserve.

Taking the credit for the leadership and work of others … where … have … we .. seen … that … before?

As for the HSUS. Mr. Pacelle  needs to clean up its act, and fast.  Two acts of shameless  deception in a week gives even those of us inclined to note the progress of this organization reason to pause. Update: More on the KC Dog Blog.

With regards to the first such, ads with the mutilated face of Fay (not Faye) are now in fund-raising ads popping up all over Facebook.…

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