While you dig out: We’re enjoying the brisk air and sunshine

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June 2009 misc 075Today the Southern California air is brisk, clean from the rains a few days ago and the sun is shining. Although I have work I need to get done, I took the time today to go for a long walk with the dogs and I’m glad I did.  It was refreshing.

My house is not far from the San Luis Rey River just south of the Marine Corps base Camp Pendleton. The river is a wildlife corridor (the base is also a natural wildlife preserve) and a variety of wildlife is often seen there –  from coyotes to deer to endangered birds.

There is a raised path that follows the river to the ocean, and people walk dogs along this path, ride bikes, push strollers, jog or just walk for relaxation. It’s marked for distance and you can go for as long or as short a walk as you wish.

There is also a park alongside the walk with a playground, open spaces and soccers fields. Although dogs are supposed to be leashed (it’s not an official off-leash dog park) no one says anything unless the dog (or owner) is a problem.

Today the dogs and I had a wonderful walk. It was a relaxation walk, a re-charge the batteries kind of walk. No formal training and not an exercise “push it” kind of walk. Just a “get outside and breath some fresh air” kind of walk.

Kids were playing on the playground and a couple wanted to pet Archer and Bashir. Both moms told their kids to ask first, which I always appreciate, and I thanked the moms for doing so. We chatted about the dogs while the kids pet the dogs and got some sloppy dog kisses.

There were a couple of off-leash dogs in the park, but they were under excellent verbal control and didn’t bother my two at all. I thanked those owners, too, to give them some positive reinforcement.

As the dogs and I walked past a middle school, the kids were outside and no one yelled nasty comments. After all, we are talking about kids at a difficult age and sometimes walking past the school can be horrible. I didn’t say anything to them —  I didn’t want to jinx myself!

As we were walking along the river path, I heard a hawk cry and watched him soar on the air currents. They are just magnificent! Everyone who was walking in the opposite direction from us seemed to be enjoying the day, also, as everyone said “hi” or good morning. No one appeared grumpy. How wonderful!

The dogs are crashed in my office with me now. Bashir under my desk as always, Archer behind my chair, and Riker in the doorway so no one can sneak in. When I finish this post I will – I promise –  get back to work. But I’m so happy I took a walk with the dogs!


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