Wallaby’s Lawn Care

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Wallaby? Looks like a kangaroo to me.I love the smell of freshly cut grass, but prefer the taste of an unkempt lawn even more. I find the green stuff settles my stomach, especially after a having a go at some spicy human fare.  It’s also a great time waster when I’m bored.

That said, I’d never want to have to depend on it for my livelihood. Take cows for instance. They chew it, process it and throw it back up. Without it, I presume they would go sirloin up.

Another animal is dependent on grass, too. Specifically three wallabies and their employment as lawn mowers. The BBC has all the details.

A Kent family is getting help with the gardening from an unusual source – three grazing wallabies.

The Gard family, whose Sandhurst garden is planted as a temperate rain forest, bought the wallabies last autumn.

Thousands of miles from their native Tasmania, the wallabies help keep the garden trim and have been a big success with the family’s three children.

Mr Gard said they were “very sweet animals” but, despite their best efforts, he still had to mow the lawn.

“If you had enough of them, they’d eat the grass but actually they would get stressed because of the density, so they’re really just a bit of fun in the garden,” he said.

“It’s a bit surreal to open the curtains in the morning and watch one bouncing across the lawn,” Mr Gard said.

Mr Gard, who is hoping to introduce female wallabies to the group and breed them, said the wallabies were “very sweet animals to have around” and were very good with the family’s pet rabbit.

“They are very, very gentle with him – he thinks he’s a little wallaby – and they are very tolerant of him jumping on them and nibbling them,” he said.

So let me get this straight.  The main point of this story was how wallabies keep a garden clean and the lawn trimmed, but in reality they do none of these things. In fact, they are kept around only because they’re adorable.

Hmmm…that’s been my gig for sixteen years. Nevermind.

Check out this link of three filthy animals (albeit extremely cute) talking about their wallabies.

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