Blue Christmas: Is 2009 gone yet?

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blueAcross the street, my neighbor Judy’s home is a-twinkle in cool blue, blue and nothing but blue.

This year’s light display took me by surprise, because Judy usually likes lights and colors for the holidays. For the last few years, her front lawn has been home t oa forest of  tall “trees” each made of three long stretches of rebar and festooned with strings of color. (The choice of material may sound odd, but it’s really a lovely display at night.) Some years, she even puts one of these trees on my lawn, which I allow her to do even though I don’t “do” Christmas and haven’t for more than a decade.

As long as I don’t have to deal with the put-up, take-down or any maintenance in between, Judy’s welcome to improve the view out of her front window by putting a tree on my front lawn.

But there’s nothing on my front lawn this year, or on Judy’s. Just the blue blue blue along her eves and porch railings.

I should have figured it out, but I guess I’m kind of dense sometimes, so I finally remembered to ask what was with the abrupt change from her traditional holiday decor.

“Blue Christmas,” she said, and shrugged. “My mom.”

She didn’t have to say anything else, and in fact we moved on to the next topic, who would make the next feed-store run for chicken food. Because, yes, Blue Christmas is a perfect theme for 2009 , in “honor” of what my friend Sam calls a “kidney stone” of a year we just have to pass.

baileyJust the losses alone make it so. Judy’s mom. Christie’s mom. My dad. Rebel and Heather, three little puppies, and many others, most recently Bailey, who was much loved not only by our blogging friend Kathy Flake but also by all her many readers and fans, who  have long included Christie (who first noticed Kathy’s blog) and me. Kathy, writing about Bailey:

I loved what she brought to my life, the joy we found together. My favorite things to do here were the things I did with my dog—the long walks, the trips we took with her, the dog-friendly outings. There are so many places to explore with your dog here—many of them archaeological sites, which has led directly to my newfound interest in archaeology. Our trips to Scotland, to Wales, and Normandy were special because we were there with Bailey.

Seeing this ancient land through a dog’s eyes gives you a whole different perspective. A simple walk through our woods became an adventure with Bailey, who could always find the ripest blackberries, knew who needed a pet, and could unerringly locate fresh fox scat, to our dismay. If walking is beneficial, mentally, a walk with a dog is even more so.

When Bailey developed cancer, I finally accepted that our walks would be numbered, our explorations circumscribed by her illness. But I didn’t expect to lose her so soon.

Read the rest here, but get tissues first.

Just a couple more weeks, and 2009, too, shall pass, Blue Christmas and all.

Wishing us all the happiest of New Years, starting now.

On a more upbeat note: Pet Connection BFF Dr. Patty Khuly chooses some holiday gifts for pet-lovers in her regular USA Today column.…

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