Red: The color of all that was good in 2009

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Lot of red ink in 2009, let’s get that out of the way. It belongs in the Blue Christmas post. But funny how everything that helped me through the kidney stone year that was seems to have something to do with the color red.

Like Faith. The One Who Chose Me was originally “the Red Puppy” — absolutely by chance.

Like the Red Truck. After my van decided he like getting visits from the tow-truck driver and spending expensive quality time with the mechanic, I filched my brother’s 1986 Mazda pickup for my daily driver. But that meant replacing his truck with something newer.

Just about then, my former boss decided to retire, and as part of that he also decided to sell his 2005 low-mileage Nissan Frontier pickup. We bought that for my brother, and although he was initially not so much in love with its fire-engine red color, he has since come to love it, color and all. Not the least of which is because bright flaming red is the primary color of the high school where he’s one of the football coaches.

So we bought it, and that very night I went to the grocery store, only to turn the corner on an isle and run smack into a display of Red Truck wine, two bottles of which I then had to buy that very second, one for me and one for my brother.

Then …

sweetrideOur latest blogger, my friend David Greene, was 3,000 miles away from home doing some consulting work at the University of California, Davis. David came over to see the Red Puppy (and others) and brought with him a CD with a red truck on the cover — “”Sweet Ride,” by his wife, Perry Desmond-Davis.  (Click on the image to hear and buy it.)

Of course, David went home with my bottle of Red Truck wine, which I’ve subsequently replaced twice over.

Now, the very last of the “red” stuff:

This morning I’m listening to National Public Radio, and there’s a piece on the artist Nellie McKay, who has done a new collection of Doris Day songs. Doris Day! How perfect, since she was not only a ray of upbeat perkiness but also the founder of her own animal group and a hotel that welcomes pets and turned Carmel-By-The-Sea, Calif, into one of the most dog-friendly of get-aways.

nellieSo I pop over to Amazon and not only is Ms. McKay wearing a red dress on the cover of her Doris Day CD, “Normal as Blueberry Pie: A Tribute to Doris Day,” but she’s posing on a couch with pit bulls in pearls!

That’s two must-buy CDs and a bottle of wine for your antidote to a Blue Christmas.

The Red Puppy, you cannot have.…

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