Petland: One down, many more to go

December 15, 2009 at 1:41 am Leave a comment

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. – Margaret Mead

Petland_Roseville_12-14-09The Petland store  in Roseville, Calif., has shut down. Before Christmas, which is always the peak season for impulse puppy buying.

At right is the sign on the door.

Congratulations to Jennifer Fearing of the California office of the HSUS for keeping a small but dedicated band of volunteer picketers on the street in front of the retailer the first Saturday of every month. While no doubt the economy had more than a little to do with the closing, I doubt the constant presence of picketers helped.

These people made a difference, and  I’m happy that one time I was one of them.

Let me say this: I don’t give a damn that those in the black helicopter crowd think the term “puppy-mill” was invented by animal-rights groups (it wasn’t) and that they don’t believe puppy-mills exist (they do) or that they don’t think it’s a problem if they do exist, if only the millers would clean up a little like those “model operations” you always hear about (family pets shouldn’t be raised in factory farms, even clean ones).

If you don’t think puppy mills are hideous, you either lack a heart or a brain, either way, your opinion rates for nothing with me. And I say that as a reputable, ethic breeder who doesn’t think people who care about preserving and protecting our heritage breeds need to side with puppy-milling scum in fighting forced spay-neuter and limit laws.

I called the HSUS out when they had it coming. This time, they have congratulations in order. Read more about their investigation of Petland.

Now, let me also say …

I have a hard time seeing any regulatory or legislative action that will protect reputable breeders while shutting down puppy-mills. That’s why I think education is everything. For only when people understand what they’re buying in a retail puppy outlet and stop supporting cruelty will the puppy mills go away.

That’s why I hope this small victory gets more people out there with more picket signs. So we can see more notices like the one above.…

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