Breaking: Christie trains a dog

December 18, 2009 at 4:23 am Leave a comment

It’s a dog training breakthrough, and I’m so excited I had to share it with everyone!

As I’ve already confessed, I bought a raincoat for my Borzoi, Kyrie, so that her beautiful glamorous fluffy fur wouldn’t get ruined in the rain. I’m shallow that way.

There was only one flaw in this plan. Although Kyrie would wear her raincoat, even model it for photographs, she resolutely refused to take so much as one step outside in it, no matter how hard it was raining. And getting a 70 pound sighthound to move when she has decided to stand is even more difficult than the virtually impossible opposite.

So I was in despair. But then I remembered… clicker training. “I’ll bet, ” I said to myself, “That I could get her to do this with a clicker.”

And I did! I really did! She went on her evening walk tonight in her coat.

The truth is, I’m not much of a dog trainer. My dogs are always well-behaved, in the sense that they don’t bark and jump and make nuisances of themselves, and they’re housetrained and walk on a loose leash and do what you need to do in the show ring. They’re not, you know, feral or anything.

But more formal obedience training? Both my herding mixes were trained like that, but honestly, training sighthounds in formal obedience makes me want to cry and suck my thumb.

But training a sighthound to do one specific behavior, a very easily defined single action, using a clicker?

Even I can do that.…

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