Monday is good news day today!

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Greetings from a very snowy New England.   Each and every one of today’s stories is designed to combat the holiday shopping/cold weather/high stress/Monday morning I don’t want to go to work blues.  Not a depressing or frustrating one in the lot.  I’ll even offer a money back guarantee.  Such a deal!

ChihuahuaFlying Chihuahuas! California, as you may know, has way too many of the little guys (and girls) with the tiny paws and big ears.   The rest of the country, particularly the east coast, doesn’t have enough.  Don’t ask me why we’re short (pardon the pun) on chihuahuas, I don’t know.  Perhaps we don’t watch enough Reese Witherspoon movies. Anyway, thanks to Project Flying Chihuahua, Mexican dogs will be warming hearts in New Hampshire, New York, and elsewhere.

20091219pettales_keystonewallis_kate_330x260Saving Keystone Wallis: If it were fiction, it would be rejected as too hokey, especially at the holidays.  Good thing this story is absolutely true.  A  gray mare in western Pennsylvania enjoys a successful harness racing career, earning $600,000.  She then breeds 14 foals who sell for a combined $300,000.  She subsequently comes within a hair of being slaughtered.  The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette picks up the story from there…. (Hat tip to Mary Mary)  I want to fly out to Crafton, Penn., and meet this horse.

Faith walks: Have you heard about Faith?  No, not Gina’s FayBee, but the famous Faith.  She’s a 7 year-old lab-chow mix, and she only has two legs.  But, she walks just fine.  On two legs.   She also has a job  these days, which is to visit disabled Army vets. This is a great dog doing important work for heroes.  Doesn’t get any better than that!  (Hat tip to Snoopy’s Friend for this story, and the one to follow)

Guido’s pacemaker: If you’re a person in Guido’s situation, your cardiologist would recommend a pacemaker, assuming you could find a cardiologist while you’re in a no-kill sanctuary.  Guido now has a pacemaker.

Although not widely known, the concept of implanting pacemakers in dogs is hardly new. The first time it was done was 1968. Today hundreds of similar operations on dogs are performed in the U.S. every year.

Maxine Mager owns Creative Acres, a no-kill animal sanctuary in Brighton.

“We do everything we can for all the animals,” she said.

Guido’s procedure won’t be cheap. The operation will cost up to $4,000. Mager says anyone interested in making a donation can check out the Web site.

Molly the ponyA Hound’s Blog:  Finally, this last cite isn’t news, it’s simply the best blog post I’ve read all week, and sometimes I’m going to offer a post just because it’s worth reading.   Here, you’ll get  Scottish deerhounds, whippets, PBGVs, and  Molly the pony.    Enjoy, and thanks Glenye.

Note: Most of today’s sites were recommended by loyal, eagle-eyed readers.  Thank you to them, and please, if you find something of interest,  send it to me.

photo credits: Chihuahua: AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes. Keystone Wallis: Hogan Equine at Fair Winds Farm.  Molly the Pony: Glenye Oakford…

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