I am THROUGH warning you, my daughter!

December 27, 2009 at 11:49 pm Leave a comment

Dogs are amazing, how much they communicate without words. Take this picture from earlier today:

At almost 9 months, Faith thinks she’s Miss All That.  Typical adolescent, no respect for her mother at all. Pushes all the limits and all the buttons she can. Doesn’t help that McKenzie is a very easy-going dog and FayBee has all the signs of being the Boss Bitch someday.

But sometimes, even the most good-natured of dog moms have just had it. This morning while they were playing on the back acreage, Faith kept body-slamming her mom. More than a couple muttered warnings from McKenzie went unheeded, and then … FayBee T-boned her mother and knocked her right off her feet.

Oh, I don’t THINK so! said McKenzie, who got up, ran over and read her daughter the riot act.  This is as close as those teeth got, and as close as they had to get: Faith got the message, absolutely. Sorry mom!



A minute later, they were playing again as if nothing ever happened … except that Faith was a lot more respectful of her mother when it came to the body-slams.


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