Monday roundup: Dr. Becker, mail abuse and the end of a dog track

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Marty_New_picDr. Marty Becker on GMA: I’ll be watching “Good Morning America” this morning to see Dr. Marty Becker’s appearance, where he’ll be highlighting some of the best veterinary advances and pet products of 2009.  You should watch too, since there might be a quiz later. …

No more dog racing in the northeast: This past weekend saw the end of greyhound racing in Massachusetts with the closure of Raynham Park.   What I hadn’t realized until the Boston Globe pointed it out is that with Raynham going dark and the shuttering of Wonderland earlier this year, it also marks the end of dog racing throughout New England.

The end of racing here is part of a national trend, driven by a mix of animal-rights concerns, waning attendance at dog tracks, and new statutes enacted by legislatures and voters.

“I just thank Massachusetts voters for giving greyhounds a second chance,’’ said Christine A. Dorchak, president of GREY2K USA, a national advocacy organization based in Somerville that grew out of a 2000 effort to ban racing in Massachusetts, which lost by a razor-thin margin. “We have finally reached this wonderful day.’’

The last race at Raynham, previously known as Raynham-Taunton Greyhound Park, also marks the end of live dog racing in New England, for now at least….

“People who voted to end dog racing should step forward now and take a dog home,’’ Dorchak said. “This is the happy ending we all worked for, and these dogs make wonderful pets.’’

Just another sign that this sport’s a goner, as Gina pointed out last week in noting the closure of the Phoenix Greyhound Park, which had been in operation since 1954.

Good news if you travel with your furry ones: Motel 6 and Studio 6 have always been pet friendly.  Now, according to Take Paws, they’re pet friendlier!

  • The one pet per room policy has been removed.
  • The weight limit on pets has been lifted.

As for the actual “travel” part of pet travel…: Flying these days is fraught with difficulty, and this past week it became that much worse.  Pet Connection’s BFF Dr. Patty Khuly discusses the flying choices we face, and mentions a new, recently launched pet-only airline.  If you have experience with Pet Airways, please chime in.  I’d love to hear your reviews and impressions.kittenx_1209

A year of amazing pet rescues: USA Today made me realize that perhaps we did have some events in 2009 of which we could be proud.   For instance, a terribly injured kitten is taken to a local SPCA center in Tonawanda, NY.  From there:

The community opened hearts and wallets when the shelter put out one of its official Yelp for Help pleas to cover medical care for strays, and veterinarians performed the first of what became more than $1,500 in surgeries. A severe respiratory infection spread, and the little kitty — with the help of antibiotics — vanquished that. Sooner than anyone would have expected, the extroverted kitten was being carried through the facility, protective head cone and all, so she could greet one and all.

You didn’t get that Christmas card I sent you? This could well be why.  Warning, you are about to chuckle, guffaw or perhaps even snort out loud. Thanks to The Poodle (and Dog) Blog.

I’ll see you again tomorrow with a personal blog post, where you can learn about my longhaired kids. And don’t forget: If you see something good, toss the link in the comments or drop me an e-mail.

Photo credit: Aurora and new parents: Laura Graham…

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