Hole in One for Pachyderm

December 29, 2009 at 7:43 pm Leave a comment

Does this hole make my ass look fat?I have to admit that I’m pretty fortunate when it comes to my weight. I’ve never packed on the pounds the way some mutts do. No Wait! Watchers for this pup.

That’s probably due to a combination of good exercise, good quality food and an amazing ability to digest human snacks.

My feline sister Moose, on the other hand, is a fat ass. She eats a lot, sleeps a lot and wouldn’t chase a mouse, even it was named Sir Lancelot. That doesn’t sound like fun and it makes me wonder why she chooses to live her life this way.

Also perplexing is the decision by a baby elephant to go down the same fat ass path.

Check out where his weight management issues took the pachyderm in this report from the Mirror.

Clinging on for dear life this poor baby elephant was eventually rescued after spending three hours trapped down a manhole in Thailand.

The animal lost its footing and ended up trapped after its keepers sent the baby to work on the streets in the Ravong province.

In the end a bulldozer widened the hole so the elephant could be lifted to safety unharmed.

One experience this elephant will be hoping to forget.

I think this elephant has a good case for a lawsuit. I don’t see any orange warning cones, no signs showing a hole with an elephant falling down or ‘crime tape’ surrounding the area.

The only case against the elephant would be if he knew where the hole was, but just didn’t remember it.

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