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German Shepherds

I know it is super hard to find breeders in your area. Take a look at National Animal Index I found my shepherd breeder there and would have never located them if I hadn’t know about this site. Finding a decent breeder can be a pain, especially if you don’t want to drive a long distance. Check it out!

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The Monday jump-start: Food for thought

The chicks are doing well, although one of the smallest got a little water from an eye dropper a few times because I wasn’t sure she was going to make it. Today, she looks better.  And I swear they all look so much bigger after just 48 hours that I’m bringing in a second crate and dividing them up so they have more room to grow.

Things I’ve run across and meant to mention:

Paul Greenberg opines in the New York Times about how the death of his cat was a sad event but a good one for the environment. Why? Because cats eat a lot of the world’s fish — 10 percent.  Who eats the other 90, you ask? Well, Mr. Greenberg and the rest of us.

For me, this “pet’s carbon pawprint” stuff is pretty ridiculous. When cats start driving SUVs, tossing tons and tons of unnecessary package into landfills, build coal-fired power plants to keep the AC at 68 and buy high-energy use flat-screen TVS, well, then we’ll talk.

Until then, Mr. Greenberg, if you want to see what’s killing the planet, look in the mirror. It wasn’t Coco. It’s you, me and all of us.

This reminds me of all the cat-haters that go on about songbirds, while living in gated communities carved out of habitat and built from wood that came from clear-cutting.

Can you have a more eco-friendly pet? Sure you can! But honestly, we’d do better by the planet by having fewer children than fussing about cats. (But if you say that, as Mother Earth News did recently, you’d better better put on your flame suit and be prepared for a wave of righteous anger and cancellations!)


BADRAP gets a chance next month to question PETA mouthpiece Daphna Nachminovitch about PETA’s “we must kill them to save them” stand on pit bulls. …  Yes, Biscuit has had good stuff lately, including a Georgia fight bust where the dogs were determined with a glance to be irredeemable killers.  … Dead dogs are so much easier to raise money with, anyway, dryly notes Lassie Get Help.  Michael Vick? Vick dogs? Never heard of ‘em.  … More people are asking to join the HSUS suit against Petland. Look, I’m all for the HSUS going all out against puppy mills. This is what they should be doing.  But part of me still wonders why they didn’t suit up their lawyers during the pet food recall and jump on Menu Foods. … My parrot hates me. Oh, right, it must be spring. Best in Flock reports. Parrots are as bad as toddlers … no, worse, because parrots never outgrow the Terrible Twos. …


More crap from the pushers of pet extinction. After forced spay-neuter failed statewide  last year (although it has been re-introduced, as SB 250 in CA), it was duly installed as the law in LaLaLand. This may actually turn out to be a good thing, because the L.A. Department of Animal Services is proving just how bad these laws can be. The department shut down its spay-neuter clinics, which target exactly the people who need financial help to get their animal fixed. No-kill flamethrower Nathan Winograd has an understandable cow:

Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS) General Manager Ed Boks made headlines in his support last year of Assembly Bill 1634, California’s mandatory spay/neuter bill when he admitted that the legislation was more about expanding the bureaucratic power of animal control than saving animals. During a legislative hearing, a Senator asked Ed Boks, the General Manager of Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS) and one of the bill’s chief proponents: “Mr. Boks, this bill doesn’t even pretend to be about saving animals, does it?†To which Boks responded: “No Senator, this is not about saving dogs and cats.â€

Not content to wait for the state (which did not pass the measure), Boks convinced the City of Los Angeles to pass its own version. He also demanded more officers to enforce it. The end result was predictable. Almost immediately, LAAS officers threatened poor people with citations if they did not turn over the pets to be killed at LAAS, and that is exactly what occurred. For the first time in a decade, impounds and killing increased—dog deaths increased 24%, while cat deaths increased 35%. In the process, he also fed the backyard breeding market for more (unaltered) animals.

Now, Boks is adding another insult. As others have reported, he has abolished LAAS’ low-cost spay/neuter program, which allowed some poor people to comply with the new law. Despite increasing impounds, Boks has decided that subsidized spay/neuter is expendable.

There’s more, you bet, right here. And one of the L.A. pols who sided with Boks on the kill-kill policy is not happy at the latest turn of events:

Canceling the voucher program was . . . a step backward in trying to reach a no-kill policy in this city,” said Councilman Tony Cardenas.

No, Mr. Cardenas … installing forced spay-neuter was the step backwards. No-kill is about helping people and sheltering animals, not forcing pet-lovers underground and ramping up seizures and shelter killing. (Here’s the councilman’s letter to Boks.)

Do you need more reason to contact your elected representatives in Florida, Texas, California and the City of Chicago? Forced spay-neuter is now being framed as a money-saver at a time when governments are hard-hit. Actually, it’s a war against the two groups of people the middle-class white donors to animal causes distrust most: Breeders (or “greeders” as they call them, with no distinguishing between a puppy-millers and reputable, ethical person out to protect our heritage breeds) and the lower socio-economic classes, who don’t deserve pets at all as far as nanny-staters believe. For the animal-rights “true believers” it’s a wink and a nod to the final solution: No domesticated animals at all.

I’m still not buying it: Working together to develop no-kill communities is the way forward, and the flailing and screaming of dying old-school agendas makes that even more clear.…

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Another Excellent Animal Site – www.4 STAR

Here’s another site I found that has excellent content for pet owners. 4 Star Pets! Find all you need in one location for your pet! I used it to purchase some accesories for my Shepherds and also to find online sites where I could find my dogs flea medecation at a discounted price.

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National Animal Index & 4 Star Pets Web Sites

These are some great sites I wanted to share with everyone. I came across them when I was searching for a breeder in my area for a friend of mine. I was able to find a Lab breeder only 20 minutes from my house. National Animal Index and 4 Star Pets.

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